About Us

We launched ThinkTime because we were fed up.

After more than 30 years working in and around retail, we know the vital role tasking plays in the retail workplace. 

It's a fine line completing the day in day out stuff that needs to get done while simultaneously delivering excellent customer service.  It is critical to communicate effectively, provide the tools necessary and measure and track the completion of tasks.  It is even more important, however, is getting associates back focused on the customer, selling and delivering brand elevating customer service - fast!

That's the difference ThinkTime makes inside our clients workplaces everyday.  When employees feel strong direction and support they are more engaged in delivering personalized service to their customers.  And that means a strong return on investment for your tasking hours everyday. 

What’s different about our product is it's simplicity - ThinkTime is intuitive.  Retail executives and analysts alike are calling ThinkTime a "disruptor in the space" because we make it easy for retailers to provide clear instructions, monitor work and track the quality of each project.

When you see improved response times for each task and help ticket along with more consistent compliance, you get the result you demand from your business.  ThinkTime is the answer.

— Steve, Joel and Doug

Doug Spiron

SVP, Sales and Marketing
What Retailers want and need is to maximize the return on their investment in tasking hours

After more than 30 years in retail with Sears and The Home Depot, I have seen many approaches to efficient task management over the years.  I've seen it all, scribbled notes on the message board next to the time clock all the way to over engineered systems that were better suited for complex project management, not retail associates.

What drew me to ThinkTime is the fact that all of this has been completely thought through.  Real retail scenarios have been scripted and developed with today's modern mobile associate in mind.  The resulting platform is intuitive, for the task creator and individual user alike.  Easy, fast and effective.

In the end, retailers using ThinkTime are saving time, energy and effort and redistributing the savings to what really matters in today's tough retail environment - the customer. When tasking gets done efficiently, our partners see immediate benefits in their levels of customer care. 

I've associated myself with ThinkTime because its the system I always dreamed of when I was leading people in the field and praying for flawless execution when I launched a project from the home office.

Steve Levy

We obsess over the quality of our products.

Through more than 20 years in the Workforce Management, sales and operations fields, I have a clear understanding of the challenges retailers face communicating with distributed locations. I also noticed a change in the marketplace around the time I founded ThinkTime. Large, expensive, difficult-to-deploy systems no longer meet the needs of today’s retail organizations.

We built ThinkTime in the cloud, so it’s more affordable and easier to install. I know most retail companies can't spend days training staff on a communication system; you want to start communicating right away. ThinkTime is so intuitive, you can have your team up and running in minutes.

Joel Livet

CTO and Product Guru
For technology to solve problems, it has to be useful.

I've spent more than 20 years building enterprise technology solutions, including for large retailers like Sears. When I founded Productive Edge in 2008, I knew we couldn't really deliver for our clients unless the end product was something they would use. It's not enough to say, "I met the project brief and now I'm done."

I’ve brought the same focus on usability to ThinkTime. I obsess over ways to make our products even more intuitive and clever. ThinkTime works not just because it solves communication problems, but because everyone will want to use it.


ThinkTime Today
V2.3 launched Q1 of 2017
ThinkTime team focuses on developing a set of features not found anywhere else in the industry
V2.0 leverages feedback gathered from V1.0
Planning begins for version 2.0
ThinkTime is deployed to first enterprise customer with 1000+ retail locations
Product development for ThinkTime 1.0 begins
ThinkTime is formed by three industry veterans with more than 30 years of Workforce Management, Retail Operations and Enterprise Technology experience
Productive Edge, ThinkTime’s parent company, launches with a focus on enterprise software development