About Us

Retail works with:

  • A leadership team with hands-on experience
  • A visionary technology company
  • A passion for building the right products

We know retail because we’ve lived it.

After more than 30 years working in and around retail, we understand how difficult it is to deliver consistent performance that exceeds expectations. With online shopping grabbing an increasing share of the overall retail market, every in-store customer experience is vital to your company and your brand. You need a way to communicate and inspire your associates, every day at every location.

We saw a lot of software solutions, heard a lot of sales pitches, and - frankly - wasted a lot of time and money. We knew we could do better. That’s why we built ThinkTime.

ThinkTime is a subsidiary of Productive Edge, an established leader in building enterprise-level applications that solve real business problems.

Our Goal

At ThinkTime, we won’t waste time building features that don’t support your corporate mission. We keep our focus on the real-world problems retailers face, and the unique needs of our customers. We know modern retailers still struggle to distribute tasks, support associates, and ensure that work is completed efficiently and to a consistent high standard.

Our mission is to create clear, intuitive task and communications tools that boost performance at every store and engage every associate. We believe every tool we build should be as useful as it is user-friendly. And we believe every dollar you invest with us can and will be returned many times over.

Our Team

Joel Livet

For technology to solve problems, it has to be useful.

I've spent more than 20 years building enterprise technology solutions, including for large retailers like Sears. When I founded Productive Edge in 2008, I knew we couldn't really deliver for our clients unless the end product was something they would use. It's not enough to say, "I met the project brief and now I'm done."

I’ve brought the same focus on usability to ThinkTime. I obsess over ways to make our products even more intuitive and clever. ThinkTime works not just because it solves communication problems, but because everyone will want to use it.

Doug Spiron

What Retailers want and need is to maximize the return on their investment in tasking hours.

I have seen many approaches to efficient task management over many years with Sears an Home Depot - from scribbled notes on the message board next to the time clock all the way to over-engineered systems that were better suited for complex project management, not retail associates.

What drew me to ThinkTime is the fact that all of this has been completely thought through. Real retail scenarios have been scripted and developed with today's modern mobile associate in mind.

In the end, retailers using ThinkTime are saving time, energy and effort and redistributing the savings to what really matters in today's tough retail environment - the customer. When tasking gets done efficiently, our partners see immediate benefits in their levels of customer care.

I've associated myself with ThinkTime because its the system I always dreamed of when I was leading people in the field and praying for flawless execution when I launched a project from the home office.

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Trace Snider

I am a passionate leader with experience in building software to help retailers solve their problems and drive retail execution. At ThinkTime, we provide an uniquely flexible and robust solution that caters to whatever a successful retailer today could possibly need in the Task Management and Communication areas of their business and much more. Our intuitive user interface makes us not only the obvious choice when it comes to ensuring an effortless onboarding experience, it's also powerful enough that it truly works to make our customers lives easier by streamlining the ‘busy-work’ in their daily operations.

Tom Messick

We’re passionate about making our customers successful

Having held several different operational and leadership roles in the retail industry over the past 20 years, I possess the subject matter expertise to help ensure our clients execute their plan and succeed. I have worked in environments where communication to the organization and oversight of the workforce were significant opportunities. I spent years duct taping together various programs that were ill fitting and not suited to serve our workforce. I’ve personally launched ThinkTime to an organization and witnessed how quickly it can be implemented and easy it is to adopt. There was instant improvement in the communication and efficiencies were created even in unexpected places. Eyes were opened widely to how work was, and sometimes wasn’t, getting done. I’m now proud to work alongside a team of progressive leaders, product managers, developers, and support engineers to bring the capabilities of ThinkTime to you and your organization.

Shane Godding

I’ve spent over 20 years in the software industry building software systems which have made transformative improvements to businesses of all sizes, including Enterprise customers. One thing I’m proud of at ThinkTime is we’re always listening to our customers. We work with our customers to understand their needs, and are frequently able to turn around improvements that meet or exceed their needs faster than most companies will even respond to a ticket. At ThinkTime, we’re always taking the pulse of the industry and where it’s headed, to better position ThinkTime for an evolving marketplace. Whether that means enabling real time communication throughout the organization, integrating with IoT devices at stores, or implementing advanced search technologies to make information available in an instant, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve ThinkTime that make a real difference for customers.

Productive Edge

Our Parent Company

Productive Edge is a global Digital Transformation Consultancy that enables Enterprise organizations to continually evolve their digital strategy. They specialize in Custom Enterprise Software, Modern Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Digital Experience, Blockchain and Virtual Reality solutions. The firm’s client portfolio spans a variety of verticals, including many Fortune 1000 clients in the Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services, Sports and Entertainment industries. Their award-winning work has been recognized by Microsoft and Crain's Chicago. Additionally, the company has been named to the Inc 5000 the past three consecutive years, as well as Chicago's Best & Brightest Employers and Crain's Fast 50 for the past two consecutive years.