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ThinkTime is a help ticketing system that connects knowledgeable agents capable of sharing their expertise with both customers and store employees. Your entire organizational tree is built into the configuration to link tickets to stores or individuals. Corporate leadership has instant visibility into trending issues.

service level agreements

SLA requirements can be customized for every category in every support group, so people know when they will receive a response. Set business and holiday hours, and track your time to see how long each ticket really takes to resolve.

custom input forms

Support groups can use ThinkTime's built-in survey feature to add custom fields to their ticket request forms.
Gather all the data you need to resolve the question right from the start.

follow & merge


Our Follow function allows any agent in a support group to see how a trending issue is resolved. Agents can also merge an unlimited number of similar tickets and answer them all at once. Every requestor becomes a follower of the primary ticket so they receive their answer quicker.

bulk actions

Get through your inbox in minutes, nor hours. Agents can save time by selecting multiple tickets for similar actions. Edits, assign, and resolve tickets; update status; mark as spam or merge and follow

ticket deflection

Resolve tickets before they are even sent. Employees can initiate a self-help process to find articles and answers from previous help requests. Responses are tagged by support group, category and location, so agents can find existing answers quickly.

Customizable Dashboards

Stay on top of every request with an extensive library of drag-and-drop widgets. Agents can view of their open tickets by priority and see which are overdue. Support team leaders can see all recent team activities and see who has the best on-time performance with the agent leaderboard.


mobile apps

ThinkTime's mobile experience is built to perform on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. Our responsive design runs on any size screen. Assign and resolve tickets or change support groups on the go.

Retail help ticketing

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