About our Company

A visionary technology company with a passion for
building the client centric tools for retail.

We know retail because
we’ve lived it!

After more than 30 years working in and around retail, we understand how difficult it is to deliver consistent performance that exceeds expectations. With online shopping grabbing an increasing share of the overall retail market, every in-store customer experience is vital to your company and your brand. You need a way to communicate and inspire your teams, every day at every location.

We saw a lot of software solutions, heard a lot of sales pitches, and - frankly - wasted a lot of time and money. We knew we could do better. That’s why we built ThinkTime.

Our Goal

At ThinkTime, we won’t waste time building features that don’t support your mission. We keep our focus on the real-world problems retailers face, and the unique needs of our customers. We know modern retailers still struggle to distribute tasks, support team members, and ensure that work is completed efficiently and to a consistent high standard. Our mission is to create clear, intuitive task and communications tools that boost performance at every store and engage every team member. We believe every tool we build should be as useful as it is user-friendly. And we believe every dollar you invest with us can and will be returned many times over.

Our Parent Company

StoreForce is a workforce management tool built exclusively for Specialty Retail. It's built by Retailers for Retailers. Decades of retail expertise have been integrated into every feature and component of StoreForce. Making it simple, intuitive, and powerful when put into the hands of your retail leaders and store operators.