Doug Spiron

About Doug Spiron

I have seen many approaches to efficient task management over many years with Sears an Home Depot - from scribbled notes on the message board next to the time clock all the way to over-engineered systems that were better suited for complex project management, not retail associates.

What drew me to ThinkTime is the fact that all of this has been completely thought through. Real retail scenarios have been scripted and developed with today's modern mobile associate in mind.

In the end, retailers using ThinkTime are saving time, energy and effort and redistributing the savings to what really matters in today's tough retail environment - the customer. When tasking gets done efficiently, our partners see immediate benefits in their levels of customer care.

I've associated myself with ThinkTime because its the system I always dreamed of when I was leading people in the field and praying for flawless execution when I launched a project from the home office.