ThinkTime was designed for retailers, but we also have clients in other industries as well. Our current client roster includes specialty retailers, department stores, quick-serve restaurants, and other organizations with a dispersed location model. ThinkTime is purpose built for your business regardless of which vertical it belongs in.

Customer Verticals

ThinkTime has current clients in each of the retail verticals below. Each client has unique requirements.  Whether you are a large department retailer where each department operates independently or a more simple specialty retailer - our platform is highly customizable and ready to serve you.

Department Stores

ThinkTime was specifically developed for department retailers, where users, locations, and roles are all mapped to departments. Within a department store, each department operates independently with its own department managers and associates, effectively functioning as a store within a store.


Many prominent enterprise grocers worldwide are among ThinkTime's clientele. Grocers have distinctive needs, such as compliance with food safety regulations, integration with IoT devices like freezers and refrigerators, and a paramount emphasis on getting the job done correctly the first time.

Convenience Stores

Numerous leading convenience retailers have chosen ThinkTime as their digital workplace solution. Given that c-store retailers typically operate in smaller store footprints with high traffic counts, ThinkTime is an ideal platform for ensuring that their stores are executing their operations correctly, consistently, and within the set budgets. By utilizing ThinkTime, c-store retailers can effectively manage their operations, streamline their workflow, and ultimately enhance their customer experience.

Specialty Retail

Today, a considerable number of specialty retailers worldwide utilize ThinkTime as their digital workplace solution. Given that specialty retailers focus on creating a distinctive shopping experience for their customers, with personalized service and expert knowledge on their products, ThinkTime is an excellent platform for ensuring that their stores provide a consistent and engaging shopping experience. By utilizing ThinkTime, specialty retailers can streamline their operations, enhance employee engagement, and ultimately provide an exceptional customer experience that sets them apart from their competitors.

Hard and Softlines

Given the level of seasonality and constant adaptation required in the apparel retail industry, ThinkTime is an ideal platform for ensuring that apparel retailers can effectively manage their operations, stay agile, and keep their employees engaged and motivated. By utilizing ThinkTime, apparel retailers can efficiently communicate changes in product offerings, inventory management, and visual merchandising to their employees, ensuring that they are executing consistently and delivering a high-quality customer experience.

Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR)

QSR's have distinctive needs when it comes to food preparation, food safety, and IoT device integration. With ThinkTime's auditing capabilities, restaurant operators can effectively manage their operations, ensure compliance with food and safety regulations, and stay on top of the latest IoT device technologies. Whether it's monitoring food temperatures or tracking equipment maintenance, ThinkTime's platform can provide valuable insights into restaurant operations, enabling operators to make informed decisions and drive better outcomes.