Store Audit

Retail works when:

  • Field leaders make the most of in-store time
  • Corporate standards are maintained at every location
  • Store teams feel engaged and inspired
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Translating store visits into actionable tasks

ThinkTime helps field leaders make the most of their in-store time. If they see opportunities for improvement, QuickWalk is the fastest way to assign tasks to store associates in real-time. Detailed Store Visit templates guide their day and ensure tasks have been completed and brand standards are maintained. With audits complete, field leaders can devote more time to training and supporting their teams.

How Store Visit works:


Plan a detailed store walk for now or use calendar to save for later. Notify stores you’ll be coming or enable announced walks. Stores can “self-audit” at any time.


Use your pre-designed walk template as you conduct in-person visits. Add and assign Quick Tasks as necessary to fix any problems you find. Record notes, take images and associate them with particular questions.


Drill down view of results from previous visits and status of tasks previously assigned.

Follow Up

Review Quick Task completion to make sure all issues are addressed. Mobile-enabled flow speeds the process and allows documentation via pictures and notes.

Build Confidence

Allow store managers to conduct self-audits, documenting their growth and successes.

From opportunity to result, faster

QuickWalk leverages ThinkTime’s Quick Task function. Field leaders can string together multiple to-dos to create a straightforward action plan. Voice and text modes make documentation easy and intuitive. Best of all, QuickWalk tasks are tracked just like all other work, so results can be seen in real time.

How QuickWalk works:
  1. See an opportunity.
  2. Snap a picture.
  3. Add notes via text or voice.
  4. Check your My Work or Calendar view.
  5. Watch standards rise.

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