Retail Store

Personalize content, make institutional knowledge open and accessible to engage and motivate your teams.

Create and distribute personalized content to engage and inform your associates. 

Intranet like dashboards function as a fully customizable portal packed with features. Gatekeepers can determine who sees what information by role or location, and team members can use our extensive library of widgets to personalize their view. News, communities and articles are powered by customizable templates.

Filtered content

Because ThinkTime is built around your corporate hierarchy, you determine who sees news and articles based on location, role and profile. With ThinkTime's retail store communication tools, team members see only what they need to get their work done, but are not distracted by irrelevant content.

Personalized experience

ThinkTime fosters deeper engagement by allowing team members to customize their views, organizing information as they see fit.

Multimedia engagement

Create a custom newsfeed to celebrate achievements, promote training opportunities and share articles that resonate with your store-level teams and your brand. Deliver exciting, content-rich video segments to your team members to motivate, train and engage them.

Calendar view

ThinkTime's calendar views are a clear, visual way to understand the flow of work to stores. Team members can prioritize their non-selling hours and leaders can plan and budget for upcoming tasks.

Mobile First

ThinkTime's retail store communication tools are built to reach your teams where and when they need it, whether on the floor or traveling to a far-flung location. Their personalized dashboard is optimized for any screen size.

Integrate Retail Support With Task Management

Your goal with every task is 100% completion. But when in-store teams run into problems, do they know how to access help? ThinkTime makes it easy to
integrate support into every task you design.

Design your task.

Click the tab marked “Support.”

Designate a support group or individual.

Click send.

Sit back and watch the work happen.