Capacity Planning

ThinkTime offers built-in Capacity Planning, enabling you to set hours budgets at the store and/or department level. With this feature, you can ensure that you aren't overloading stores.

Planning Calendar

Our Capacity Planning Calendar provides weekly visibility into tasks, enabling you to view how many locations are over or under budget, including total hours. With this feature, you can easily monitor your organizations task load and make informed decisions to move tasks to different weeks ensuring optimal productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Capacity Reporting

Along with the Planning Calendar view, the Capacity Reporting feature allows you to see a comparison by week and by department. You can drill down into your location's hierarchy to find exceptions and outliers, providing you with in-depth insights into your how tasks are impacting the overall budget for the upcoming planning period. This feature enables you to identify trends, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your workforce's productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Capacity Buffer

ThinkTime offers a unique feature that allows you to set a buffer or tolerance percentage for your hours budget. If your budgeted hours exceed this buffer, a store is considered over or under budget. This feature enables you to remove the noise of attempting to budget to an exact number, providing more flexibility in your task planning.

Blackout Dates

ThinkTime's Blackout Dates feature allows you to set blackout periods for your entire organization or at the country or region level. This feature enables you to block specific time periods, such as holidays or key promotions, when you want your stores to focus on customer engagement instead of operational tasks. By setting these blackout periods, you can ensure that your workforce is fully dedicated to providing the best customer experience during critical periods, enhancing customer satisfaction. This feature enables you to balance your operational needs with your customers' demands, ensuring that your workforce is utilized effectively at all times.