Retail works when:

  • Tasks are well supported
  • The tools to do each job are easy to find
  • Associates know you have their backs
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Delivering faster, more effective support to your in-store teams

Retail used to be connected to a time and place. Now, customer expectations have changed. In order to deliver flawless service, you need to equip your front line associates instantly with the tools they need to resolve problems and get work done. ThinkTime is designed to put answers – and subject matter experts – within reach at a moment’s notice.

How Support works

Unlimited Support Groups

Map each question to the right subject matter experts within your organization.

Real-Time Associate Support

Store Associates simply click the "?" at the top of the task, ask their question and submit, it is just that easy.


Support team members can assign the ticket to themselves and work to resolve it, or pass it along to the correct group or agent.


Establish clear expectations and monitor the performance of your support teams.

Provide Tools

Use URLs tied to knowledge base articles to teach store associates where to go for help in the ThinkTime Knowledge Base.

Task Integration

Your goal with every task is 100% completion. But when in-store teams run into problems, do they know how to access help? ThinkTime makes it easy to integrate support into every task you design.

How Task Integration works:
  1. Design your task.
  2. Click the tab marked “Support.”
  3. Designate a support group or individual.
  4. Click send.
  5. Sit back and watch the work happen.

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