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Retail works when:

  • Tasks and content span borders seamlessly
  • Associates can access help in their native language
  • Your brand works across languages and cultures
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The most useful task and communication platform for global retailers

Wherever your brand moves next, ThinkTime ensures consistent performance and engagement with an innovative new way to integrate international teams. New countries are built into your corporate architecture, allowing you to designate country-level controls. Locations and individuals can be mapped to specific languages and cultures, so information and support reach them in meaningful ways.

How ThinkTime Global works

International by Design

ThinkTime is built on your organizational structure. Create country-specific hierarchies and personalize content before distribution. Tasks translate flawlessly to the culture of each country in your distribution chain.

Country-level Controls

Let regional and district managers adjust tasks to fit their local culture and regulations, and build a repository of country-specific information. Edits made in a remote country are translated back to the home office language, so no information is lost.


ThinkTime’s dashboards are customizable across languages, and languages can be set at the country, store or individual level. Map each associate to a specific country or region so they receive notifications and support in their native language.

Data Security

We understand the challenges of securing data in an emerging global marketplace. With ThinkTime, your sensitive data is maintained and protected to the highest global standards.

Global Hosting

Modern communication systems need to be efficient across multiple time zones. That’s why ThinkTime has invested in localized hosting facilities that meet our high security standards.

Seamless Translation

ThinkTime makes it easy to talk to your global team with simple, push-button translation. We currently support more than 25 languages that can be mapped to specific individuals or locations. Need a language we don’t currently have? New languages come via cloud - just like all our upgrades.

How Seamless Translation works:
  1. Create a task, article or news alert.
  2. Select country, role, location or individual.
  3. Use dashboard widgets to analyze response.
  4. Click "Translate".

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