Unified Search

Boosts productivity and reduces frustration by searching and customizing return results from all content across ThinkTime. Delivering only relevant information to each team member based on their access permissions, location, role, etc.

Google-like Enterprise Search

ThinkTime provides a Google-like enterprise search experience that delivers information quickly to users. Customize the search experience to match your digital workplace and allow content owners to highlight relevant information.

Personalized Results

Results personalized based on your role and location(s) saves you time and provides a more efficient and relevant search experience.

Search through 15 content types

ThinkTime's Unified Search feature allows for comprehensive search functionality by searching across all content types within the platform, including tasks, knowledge base content, visits, events, tickets, team members, locations, and more.

Multilingual Support

ThinkTime's search results are multilingual, as the platform offers content in over 45 languages.

Faceted Search

Custom search facets for each content type enable team members to efficiently filter search results and quickly locate the information they need.